No Satori
living between noise and silence

Homeless and Nowhere
one month inside a homeless shelter

Four Music Lessons
on Glen Campbell, Bach, why the devil loves the blues

My Summer of Slam
on poetry, Tom Waits, and what stays with us

Losing Music
on the vanishing of gorgeous sounds

The Atrium Effect
how glass ruins museums

One Encounter: El Jaleo
on artistic reproductions and the memories they replace

Landscape is Action
on writing place


Short Story

A boy, a girl, and a bad mistake



Rus in urbe
and two others (PDF)

The Crisis
scroll to page fifty four (PDF)

Fairground by an Airfield
a true story

Memorial Day
scroll way, way down

Three Collaborations with Shafer Hall
just click our names

Kevin Caron’s Nuclear Dream
one of three

Hitching a Ride on the Fire Engine Back to my House
and one other


Critique, Approbation, Head Shaking

Let It Lack
on the poetry of Bill Knott

Poetry, Approximately
Bob Dylan’s talent and the Nobel’s foolishness

Cato of the Antipodes
on the essays of Gore Vidal

Immaterial Worlds
Technological Conceptualism at the Biennial of the Americas

One Man’s Cesar Vallejo
on Peru’s finest poet

The Ogre’s Guest
on Peter Matthiessen

The Selves in Ourself
a dialogue on Valeria Luiselli’s Faces in the Crowd

Friends of Dead Poet’s Society
on Larry Levis

Bohemia Rundown
on the art writing of Chris Kraus

The Prince of the Powers of the Air
on Anthony Burgess and his too-neglected novel, Earthly Powers

on Gary Indiana

Fallout, Carry On
Lance Olsen reinvents fiction

Voices in the Woods
the genius of Joshua Harmon

the poetry of August Kleinzahler

Postal Worker? Poodle?
on Lyn Hejinian

Wagner’s Inferno
Hollywood is Hell

Grosz Anatomy
on Ian Buruma’s Essays

Noble Rot
on horror fiction

The Damage Collector
on CD Wright

First Person Singular
the failure of Paul Auster

Chillin’ with Delillo
Cryogenics of the Systems Novel

Mirror Writing
On Restless Books’ The Face series

Seven Houses in France
a review of Bernardo Atxaga for Bookforum

a review of Jarrett Kobek’s Atta

Missed Connections
my ungracious thoughts re: David Rakoff

Sympathy for the Devil
a hatchet job on Michael Mewshaw’s hatchet job of Gore Vidal

Friends on the Street
William Vollman’s book on poverty

I Is Someone Else
Alta Ifland’s Pandora’s box

The Sun Was Bad
Rusty Barnes wrote the best novel of 2014

Ain’t that America
bad court decisions and a broken city

Another City
the novels of Mark Wallace