A Long Shot

As Brookline Patch notes I’ll be reading with Adam Golaski at the Brookline Booksmith this Thursday at 7pm and I’m really, really happy I’ll be doing so. Adam & I are kicking off a big tour with this reading — a country-wide tour embarked upon not all at once by bit by bit, over weekends and odd weeks throughout the rest of this year and the beginning of next. We’re still nailing down different dates, so see the list at the constant right of this site for the sure best and please keep checking back for new additions; and if you’ve got a stop to suggest or a surefire venue good lord man let us know. I would love to see as many of you as I can and to spot you all a drink once you’re there.

Also worth talking a little about: Under the Small Lights received a beautiful short review in the new installment of New Pages’ regular review series by the excellent poet and publisher Dan Magers. Dan writes:

[Under the Small Lights] has many marks of a poet: a deft feel for spoken language and the ability to create vivid scenes through language. The very structure of the book – with short, often very short, chapters – has less of the expansiveness of prose, and more the concise cognitive breath of poetry.

Not long ago I sat across from a good friend in my apartment and argued (ice clinking) about whether I could still consider myself someone who writes poetry if I haven’t written more than half a dozen poems in the last year. Well, take that (above), Chris.

Final life-note for now: I took my English class out to Harvard Yard the other day so I could fish for random native speakers for my class to practice on (in this case, to practice the future tense) and one of my students (“Jimmi” is his American name) took some pictures of teacher John & class at work. Here’s the best:

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