Thanks to everyone for a really nice reading on Thursday: Evan for hosting us, Ben for handing me his scrawled & thoughtful “Corinna said no double bed / the thing about the frame she said // we’re gonna be late I said / Julie stuttered,” George for his new mustache, Melissa for raising a toast, Kara for the gorgonzola-stuffed bacon-wrapped fig, Adam for post-hoc coverage (Adam read very well — Green is starting to bang and bellow in his prose), the Regal Beagle for the Balvenie 12, and Elisa for all & everything & the rest.

After the reading, E. & I had the pleasure of traveling west for an evening with our friends Josh & Sarah. After dinner, we lay outside out their back lawn to see if there was any of the meteor shower left. We saw one meteor but the sky out there in South Hadley is fantastic of itself: clear, with only a few wisps of clouds — they looked like belts of stars themselves in the dark. Earlier, Josh showed us some of Sarah’s latest pictures on his iphone. The above and the below are haunting and complex and are both made by her. Please do yourself the favor of checking out a lot more here, and reading some of her fables-so-strange-they-are-poems here. What Kelly Link can’t do in 40 pages, Sarah can do in under one, and better.

On Sunday, Elisa drove home while I read from the Francis Parkman and de las Casas I picked up at Troubadour. Happily, crowning a real good time, once I got home I turned on my computer to find I’d been reviewed by Adam Gallari in the newest Collagist:

John Cotter’s debut Under the Small Lights is a wonderfully scathing and esoteric book that attempts to map the failed ambition of a close group of friends whose incestuous and competing desires ultimately lead to their catastrophic downfalls. [ … ] His universe is populated by men and women who both know and love each other so deeply that they are only capable of causing each other great pain, and Cotter skillfully navigates their unknown realms of friendship and love.

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