Under the Small Lights: The Trailer

Newtonville Tonight

It’s tonight — Under the Small Lights launches, sees the world for the first time at 7pm at 296 Walnut St. in Newtonville. MA, home of the beautiful and really friendly Newtonville Bookstore. The commuter rail — easily catchable from Back Bay Station — and cheap — stops right in front of where I’ll be tonight. Please come by if you’re in the Boston area, pick up a copy and let’s chat for a little. There will be wine & some beer at the reading and we may be grabbing a second one down the street later on. This is a big night for me and I’d love to share it with as many friends as can come.

John Cotter the Writer

I don’t sign my name Jr.,–& haven’t for years — largely because I have been confident there will be no professional confusion. My dad, also a John Cotter (as was dad’s Uncle Nick, and his dad, and his) is a Connecticut lawyer. But he’s of course a writer too, as I’m reminded via his Memorial Day piece for the Norwich Bulletin, Knowledge will Debunk Deep Seated Assumptions, about the history of French-American military relations in Southeast Asia.

I stopped and took some snapshots. The cemetery was vast and poorly maintained. But I was struck with the mixture of Christian crosses on rows of tombstones along with Islamic half moons. Ethnic, multi-national soldiers buried together in a common gave site.

Intrigued, I began researching the origins of the site, which had a haunting quality — no people, no flower boxes, no flags…

Amazingly, the only comment on the article so far seems to be from someone who one hundred percent missed the point of John Sr.’s piece — which is hard to do! That dude aside, it’s an article well worth reading. Thanks for writing it, Dad. Happy Memorial Day.

photo: John Cotter Sr.


NB: see also the Boston Globe’s recent Photo Essay: Vietnam, 35 Years Later: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/05/vietnam_35_years_later.html

The Package

I arrived at my own porch yesterday to find a large number of copies of a new book by a promising young writer. Thank you Dana Leonard & thanks Miami North.

You can find a copy on amazon, natch, and powells, etc., also at ‘better’ book stores, but I’ve got a lot of these here, so we maybe be able to work something out on our own too … over backchannel you see …