“Tuesday” by George Seferis

translated by Edmund Keeley “I went down to the St. James Infirmary.” I got lost in the town. The gardens are hidden by the hospital of Don Juan Tavera. Advertisements wrapping up the streets. Each man walks without knowing whether he’s at a beginning or an end, whether he’s going to his mother, his daughter, […]

de Espíritu Santo

From Tampa, a town ineptly conquered by Hernando de Soto in 1539 and currently staffed by the world’s best EMTs, comes one of my two favorite reviews of Under the Small Lights so far. I can’t express how happy I am when someone seems to really get what I was going for in the book. […]

Fiction I

I’m teaching Fiction I at Grub Street this season, after a short tricky stint in Fiction II over the winter. Maybe it was just the winter that was tricky. I met some truly fine people, though, and I’m happy still to know them after the class is through. I’ve taught Fiction I before & Grub […]

of pleasures and poetry

“… I seek many kinds of pleasures in poetry — of story and discourse, of sound and rhythm, of lyric subjectivity and dispersal of lyric subjectivity, of disjunctiveness and discursiveness, familiar and unfamiliar form, heteroglossia and suburban historiography, archival erudition and crude wit, the strangeness of idioms unknown, the commonplace perfectly deployed to re-emerge into […]

Dolly Madison Bvld., Poison Duck, The Rolling Hills of Cincinnati, etc.

Circling down on Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, I was startled to see how the land rolled. The portions of Ohio I’d traveled before — the north parts — were flat as a floor, but the land around Cincinnati was all rilled. Dana, the venerable designer and all-’round Moneypenney at Miami U Press collected me in Kentucky and brought me […]