DC, Miami, etc.

Hey all — I haven’t posted in a while because the Buffalo & Ithaca trip wore me out & I sunk into my next novel to recover. But I’m surfacing again, and soon (along with my trusty compaƱero A. Golaski) to read in Washington DC on a bill with really awesome writers Maureen Thorson and Sherrie Flick for the Barrelhouse series at The Black Squirrel (info to the right). I’m excited to hang out in DC again w/ Maureen & Jeff (& all of you who brave the tepid air to where the air is posey-light and full of resonante song) and to walk around without a sweater for a bit.

For those of you in or near Oxford Ohio, please know that I’ll be reading for Miami University — my benefactors — the Tuesday prior (again, details to the right) & I would love to see as many friends as I can.

Meanwhile, in news of the world, the new issue of Open Letters Monthly is out featuring beautiful new poetry and art by Sarah Goldstein (whose new Fables will be appearing from Tarpaulin Sky sometime this spring) and fantastic essays about such diversions as George Elliot’s secret heart, James Franco’s soul, and The Battle of the Somme.

What else? Well I had a nice conversation with the Cornell Daily Sun, I’ve been reading and loving Lance Olsen’s new novel Calendar of Regrets (at Steve Donoghue’s always-wise suggestion), Jeff tells me they’ve just found a dinosaur skull in a church in Milan; oh, and just the other day I forgot one of my best friends’ birthdays … Happy Birthday Kevin! No forgiveness!

more soon …

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