rumors running through realms

Adam Golaski and I get together every other month or so and share all the big highs and big lows and all the little stuff of our lives. It’s been a privilege to be part of his over the last — what? decade? One of the biggest of highs in this ongoing time has been […]

the marquis is full

On of the things that makes life on earth rewarding and worthwhile: Shafer Hall’s laid-back, inspired, truth-telling poems: I love Shafer & have been a worshipful fan of his work for a long while. Sometimes I throw my 2c in but mostly I just sit back and bask in it. Since 1999, Shafer and […]

Rohan, Grace, and yrs tru

I live my life with near-constant tinnitus — a roaring in one ear — and all I can say about Grace Talusan’s wonderful new review of Under the Small Lights in The Rumpus is that it somehow, magically, made that roaring disappear for an entire day. And come to think of it there hasn’t been much […]

Boston Return

I tried to periodically follow along with the East Coast on the flight up from NC (Delaware turns out to be endless), surprised by how close Long Island lies to Connecticut and equally surprised by how much water cuts up Rhode Island. We landed in Boston just before dusk, drank a couple of white wines, and carried […]

80 degrees, 80% humidity

I’ve come now from Chicago (where I had a good time reading with Martin Seay and his lovely lady wife) to North Carolina — the sleepy/touristy burgh of Henderson, just outside of Ashville. The Ashville airport appears to be still under construction (lots of exposed plaster and backhoes) but the surrounding area is refreshingly nature-stuffed […]