The starlit wave is still

and I’m home from a dozen Christmas visits and a half-dozen airports. Home to a great conversation with Andrea Dupree at Lighthouse Writers Blog about staying on task and lessons learned: Q. You’ve said in other interviews that your novel was borne out of a desire to “write about identity and the formation of that […]

“They Came” by Odysseas Elytis

translated by Edmund Keeley and George Savidis dressed up as “friends,” came countless times, my enemies, trampling the primeval soil. And the soil never blended with their heel. They brought The Wise One, the Founder, and the Geometer, Bibles of letters and numbers, every kind of Submission and Power, to sway over the primeval light. […]

A Memorable Fancy

It turns out that removing caffeine entirely from my life has a good effect on that deafening roar in my ears. I’ve been buckling under that awful siren for years and everyone who knows me has heard me sob about it (though I have not heard myself, I have heard a roar). Since I quite […]

Columbine St.

I’ve been writing a bit about art in the last few issues of Open Letters Monthly. Last month it was my very special relationship to John Singer Sargent, this month, the glam and decay of John Bonath’s Strange Beauties at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science: In order to reach A Strange Beauty, which […]

On Calamity

I encountered a student in tears in the hallway yesterday afternoon. He’s no one I’d paid much attention to until then except for, in the back of my mind, the suspicion that he was quite rich and some chagrin that he seemed to always arrive late to class. But he was crying his head off […]