New Genre #7

From The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations comes the latest edition of the distingué horror & sci fi quarterly New Genre now — in a brave experiment — newly available in exchange for whatever you’d care to pay. Take advantage. Previous issues sold for $10 and they were underpriced. As I have with every number since the first, I devoured it the […]

Ear Findings

As a lot of you know, I’ve been pretty ill this year, at least since March of 2013, and Elisa and I have spent a good portion of our time bailing on commitments to hare across the country meeting with doctors and groups of doctors and witch doctors. We’re going to pause our efforts for […]

White Sky

“I looked up at the sky without real cause. It was true that the temperatures had unmistakably belonged to winter for quite some time but now the sky was finally reflecting true winter as well. And not early festive winter or dwindling late-stage winter either. This was exact midpoint winter, in appearance, and fact, topped […]

Green walls

I had looked forward so much to having an apartment of my own, had carried the idea around with me so fondly all through the army, that I was astonished to discover, after my first few days there, that I was lonely. I couldn’t understand how this could be. It was one thing to feel […]

A Bit More Wallace Shawn

I noticed on the floor, so far below us, all of our clothes, in their arbitrary pattern, as they’d fallen–what awfulness, what falseness they represented: everything in the world which we supposedly were but really were not: how easily a historian or a sociologist could deduce from looking at this disorderly pile our precise location […]