walkabout intruder

    Photographing downtown today with a class of refugees (DRC, Afghanistan, Myanmar) I grew embarrassed by how much pedestrian space in Denver appears to be privately owned and aggressively policed; on in any case that was the bluster. We’d find ourselves on an empty square — maybe some tables, umbrellas, a small lunch crowd — something ’80s-style […]

Jjsh … jjsh …

Continuing Education   It’s Harvard Square in sun and the kids are back in town. I walk about making words with my mouth: Jjsh…jjsh…jshandelier. All the crazy old guys are reading the New York Review of Books while their dentures clack like plastic chandeliers. I am rendered extra-terrestrial by a panama hat, and I am […]

detailed sprawl

  “Colfax slid by, one of those commercial clusterfucks that predate the Eisenhower highways. Nothing on the street, ‘the longest in the west,’ is or was ever fashionable in a way you’d recognize on the coasts. The bars run from ironically dingy to legitimately sordid as you drive west from Capitol Hill and a series […]

the dream reveals itself

  “To write anything you have to let go & descend floatily & yet at vast speed through terraced self-awareness, layer by layer, directly into a canyon wider at the top narrower deep down….” the process described, by M John Harrison