satori machines

Elisa and I wrote some poetry and read it along with Daron Muller and Eleni Sikelianos and quite a few others at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art last week. The idea was to write poetry based on the non-narrative films. The picture above makes it seem as though Elisa and I were the only ones there. She and I wandering the gallery and reading to each other would have been another kind of night — a better kind? — but I was pretty honored to be included and so I wrote a poem for the first time in a few moons. (Imagine every second line indented 3 or 4 spaces … the formatting on WordPress murders me)


after an instillation by David Fodel and Paco Proano

You are a lie of light;
be indeterminate,
a satori machine
who makes gods of geegaws.

The glass harmonica
is pitched to obscure
the rattle of teacups
ten feet away.

Make your smoky poly-
carbonate a spiritual
filter for what hovers
in back of you.

Don’t worry patterns,
they convert at a touch
not your touch. The picture
remains translucent,

i.e. unclear.
Kick the stone of your
soul down the road:
advance the track.

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